Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kickin' & Screamin'

Snow, you read correctly "snow". And not just in the mountains but here in the valley too. It is only October people! I'm not ready for it......but then I never am. Everyone that knows me, knows I would rather be in Southern California in the winter.One last look at summer.
I think Ruby said, "Rusty, you look that way, I'll look the other way and we'll really drive her crrrazzzzy!"

I already miss the flowers, the grass, the warm weather and the dogs going outside without coming back in covered in snowballs.

OK, time for some cheese and crackers with that whine.

But just for the record;

I'm not letting summer, or fall for that matter go without

Kickin' and Screamin' just a bit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zion Marathon

The Watchman at Sunset

Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon

Last spring we left Zion National Park wanting more so we booked another trip the day we returned. This time we had fall colors on our minds and was not disappointed.

The colors in Zion were just starting but we found what we were looking for in Kolob Canyon on the Taylor Creek Trail.

This view from Observation Point in Zion required a high price. It is 5 miles up and up and up. It was countless switchbacks that looked steeper at every turn. I can truly say this for me was a once in a lifetime view because I ain't goin' back. My feet complained the entire 5 miles back. I would go back as far as Echo Canyon. That was so beautiful and worth every step plus a great place to stop for lunch.

More fall colors in Taylor Creek

JH enjoying the narrows of Echo Canyon

The sky was threatening but never rained on the parade of color in Taylor Creek.

We have a tradition of hanging our feet off the cliff of a conquered trail.

Thanks to TH we got to see our first ever Tarantula on Sand Bench trail.

In total we hiked 26 miles.

By damn that is a MARATHON!!!!!

Does it count if it takes 4 days to do it?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lucky Girl

That "Lucky Girl" would be me because Great Guy surprised me with a new macro lens.
I have had lots of opportunities to try it out because of our recent Dahlia Show.

Plus, Zoey came to visit.....

then of course there are the usual subjects. Rusty has a great profile

and Ruby melts my heart with those big, brown eyes.

Our 2009 Dahlia Show was a success!

I do have to brag a bit. Mom and I won a blue ribbon and best in it's class for both Lovely Lana and Western Spanish Dancer. We got a blue ribbon for Sweet dreams and Woodlands Dufus and a 3rd place white ribbon for Mr. Jimmy to round it out. Not too bad for our first year!