Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Christmas Photo

This year on Christmas Eve I was busy as always but had promised to volunteer at the Red Cross for a few hours. Turns out they decided to close for the afternoon and had forgotten to tell me. It was my first Christmas gift.....four hours of free time. What to do with it.? I decided I would take the time to really do a great job of setting up for the annual family Christmas photo. I figured out where everyone should stand since our family has grown this year. I set up the tripod on the stairs to get more distance; not an easy task but my trusty level came in handy. I took several practice shots to check everything out. I was ready. No complaints from impatient family members this year waiting for me to get it figured out. The careful planning was worth the effort in an unexpected way. My favorite photo for this year was when some of us decided to be funny. Funny to the point that I laugh every time I have looked at this photo. The look my Mom came up with is priceless. (Click on the picture for a full screen view)
Don't you just love my new earrings and BC looks great despite my brother's efforts.

We did get one good serious one but it is out of focus somehow.

Rocky is back for another visit for the Holidays while his people are in Mexico.

Rusty and Zoey took a turn playing in the discarded wrapping paper.

Hope your Christmas had a few laughs too and your
New Year is Happy!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays

I often wish my dogs could talk.
But then you just look at their faces and you know if Ruby could talk she would say,
" He is touching me, he is touching me!!"
And Rusty would say, "I HATE this @!#* hat!"

And finally they both would say,
"OK, take the picture then let's go for a walk and maybe you could throw the ball about a thousand times."
When all I wanted them to say is:
Happy Holidays!
May all the joys of the Christmas Season
be yours today and always.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees
is a big fund raiser for Primary Children's Hospital and I was asked to be a volunteer photographer taking pictures of kids and families with Santa.
Of course I said YES!It was a great experience filled with lots of laughter and a few tears.
All one little girl wanted from Santa was for her friend
to come home from the hospital for Christmas.
There wasn't a dry eye in Santa Land during her visit.
I even got to sit on Santa's lap.
I was asked if I would take photos again next year.
Of course.....I said YES!