Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees
is a big fund raiser for Primary Children's Hospital and I was asked to be a volunteer photographer taking pictures of kids and families with Santa.
Of course I said YES!It was a great experience filled with lots of laughter and a few tears.
All one little girl wanted from Santa was for her friend
to come home from the hospital for Christmas.
There wasn't a dry eye in Santa Land during her visit.
I even got to sit on Santa's lap.
I was asked if I would take photos again next year.
Of course.....I said YES!


Blake and Lacy said...

You are so great! Love ya!

Kate said...

What a marvelous thing! You must have had so much fun. I love the photos. Is that your camera? Wow! Very impressive. :)

KC said...

Thanks Kate and Lacy. No, the use of the camera equipment was donated by Pictureline. It was fun to use all the professional stuff. KC

Nora Johnson said...

Hi KC!
Just briefly stopping by with my very best wishes for Xmas and the New Year! Can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you & your terrific posts since my last visit - but hope to see you very soon back at my place where I’ve just posted my latest Christmas Lola Lifeline! All the best & see you again soon!


Snowbrush said...

"I hope the New Year is painfree and peaceful for you. Best wishes to Peg and the dogs too. KC"

Thank you, KC, but would you please return to my blog for a bit?