Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

My maternal Grandmother was born
February 26, 1902.

107 years ago today.

She is holding me here on her 51st Birthday. She is 5 years younger here than I am today. Is it my ego or did people look older then? Regardless of how old she looked she was a wonderful Grandma. She was loving and patient and made the best toast. I know, toast? But she used the expensive bread and used lots of butter and toasted it just right. Other cousins might remember her rice pudding or something else but I remember her toast.

Another talent she had was crocheting. She shared that talent with any of her interested daughters and granddaughters and several of us still crochet today. That is another vivid memory; she had a chair in the corner of her living room where she would sit in the sunshine and watch the cars go by while she spent countless hours making us all special treasures.

Grandma died in 1986. We are a close family and she is a big part of the memories we all hold dear. My Mother received Grandma's wedding rings as part of her inheritance. I knew I would get them someday but was surprised when Mom gave them to me to celebrate Grandma's birthday today.

My cousin Jody gave me the idea to take this picture.

My Mother's hand wearing the ring my Father gave to her, me wearing Grandma's ring with some of Grandma's doilies in the background.

When I moved to California just before Grandma died she said,

"Please don't forget me".

I never have and never will.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bath Day

I really don't like Ruby and Rusty's bath day because it makes me feel terrible to make them so miserable. I start with one and then have to look through the house to find the other because they know it is their turn next and try to hide. Ruby was first this time so I eventually found Rusty in the basement looking like he was about to be sent to bed without any treats. Their Bath finished and soaking wet.
Have you ever seen such pathetic looking faces?Even if Rusty is tough for Ruby to tolerate, at least she finds him amusing. An hour later they are brushed and fluffed and a little happier.

Now I need a bath!

This photo of Bad Dog has nothing to do with Bath Day. I just wanted to post it because I think he is great. I am taking the liberty of renaming him "Good Dog" for the week. On this week's Friday Afternoon Hiking Club I thought it would be a grand idea to follow some previous snowshoe tracks for a short cut. Well, it wasn't and Good Dog was an innocent victim. He was noble and trusting and didn't hold it against us. He was a very, very Good Dog. If you want to read more of this "adventure" check out
You have to promise not to tell Aunt Max if you do!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sit, Stay....Whatever!

I'm often asked how I get my "kids" to sit and pose. Well, this morning I got these pics because I was having a piece of toast sitting at the kitchen bar and they oh, so wanted a bite. It is all about the treats. Find something they like and they will follow you anywhere. The photo below was a different angle because I took the toast with me as I sat in the chair. The trick is to hold the toast and release the shutter.

Just when I thought I was in control Ruby called Rusty something terrible and all hell broke loose.

He was all, "What did you call me!!? I'm all ears!"

The Ugly Face Fight Begins!

Ruby thought Rusty needed a good lickin'.......

but Rusty thought he would like to dance.

What I would like is spring, sunshine and flowers so we could take some pictures outside WITHOUT snow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to Knitting

During the winter I am always looking for something to do to occupy my time and keep me from going totally crazy. I prefer projects that are challenging enough to make it interesting but easy enough to still be fun. I used to knit as a child so when Wunx invited me to her knitting group I was all for it. It turned out that I still remembered the basics but learned there are things I had never used before like patterns, circular needles, double point needles and lovely natural fiber yarns.
I decided on a beginner pattern using washable wool yarn. It all started out great until......

the pattern called for the use of double point needles! Yikes, that was confusing!

I managed to finish it without too many mistakes and added a button to doll it up a bit.

I had to try for one with no mistakes.....none that I know of anyway.

Don't look too closely.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kate the Christmas Cactus

It is nice to see someone is happy.
Despite hard economic times and being smack dab in the dead of winter this gal has put on a happy face and in turn makes me smile just to look at her. Kate as I call her, named after the generous person that gave her to me hasn't always been this happy. She came to me covered in these gorgeous blooms and within 24 hours had dropped every one of them in protest to her new environment. It turns out she didn't really mean to hurt my feelings, it is just what a Christmas Cactus will do. They don't like to be moved but will reward you with a beautiful display if give them a little attention and keep them in their favorite spot.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have a new follower to my blog so I wanted to make her feel welcome.
I love this photo of Great Guy and Phenie. She had the most kissable cheeks!!