Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kate the Christmas Cactus

It is nice to see someone is happy.
Despite hard economic times and being smack dab in the dead of winter this gal has put on a happy face and in turn makes me smile just to look at her. Kate as I call her, named after the generous person that gave her to me hasn't always been this happy. She came to me covered in these gorgeous blooms and within 24 hours had dropped every one of them in protest to her new environment. It turns out she didn't really mean to hurt my feelings, it is just what a Christmas Cactus will do. They don't like to be moved but will reward you with a beautiful display if give them a little attention and keep them in their favorite spot.


Kate said...

Hey, hey...! She's blooming! Nice work. :))

Snowbrush said...

They're homebodies, you might say...

Nice hats. My wife collects buttons. In fact, she just served two terms as president of the Oregon State Button Society.