Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sit, Stay....Whatever!

I'm often asked how I get my "kids" to sit and pose. Well, this morning I got these pics because I was having a piece of toast sitting at the kitchen bar and they oh, so wanted a bite. It is all about the treats. Find something they like and they will follow you anywhere. The photo below was a different angle because I took the toast with me as I sat in the chair. The trick is to hold the toast and release the shutter.

Just when I thought I was in control Ruby called Rusty something terrible and all hell broke loose.

He was all, "What did you call me!!? I'm all ears!"

The Ugly Face Fight Begins!

Ruby thought Rusty needed a good lickin'.......

but Rusty thought he would like to dance.

What I would like is spring, sunshine and flowers so we could take some pictures outside WITHOUT snow!


Wunx~ said...

These photos show where Rusty got his name. Wonder how he hides the red most of the time. Do you have his groomer use peroxide on him so he'll match Ruby better? ;)

KC said...

No, but isn't it funny how he looks so white from the front.

Kate said...

Velcro works wonders. Or, just glue them to the couch... Just kidding. Fun to see their antics! Which culprit is the butt nipper? :)