Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bath Day

I really don't like Ruby and Rusty's bath day because it makes me feel terrible to make them so miserable. I start with one and then have to look through the house to find the other because they know it is their turn next and try to hide. Ruby was first this time so I eventually found Rusty in the basement looking like he was about to be sent to bed without any treats. Their Bath finished and soaking wet.
Have you ever seen such pathetic looking faces?Even if Rusty is tough for Ruby to tolerate, at least she finds him amusing. An hour later they are brushed and fluffed and a little happier.

Now I need a bath!

This photo of Bad Dog has nothing to do with Bath Day. I just wanted to post it because I think he is great. I am taking the liberty of renaming him "Good Dog" for the week. On this week's Friday Afternoon Hiking Club I thought it would be a grand idea to follow some previous snowshoe tracks for a short cut. Well, it wasn't and Good Dog was an innocent victim. He was noble and trusting and didn't hold it against us. He was a very, very Good Dog. If you want to read more of this "adventure" check out
You have to promise not to tell Aunt Max if you do!

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Wunx~ said...

A post bath dog can never look as pathetic, or as murderous as a post bath cat...