Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to Knitting

During the winter I am always looking for something to do to occupy my time and keep me from going totally crazy. I prefer projects that are challenging enough to make it interesting but easy enough to still be fun. I used to knit as a child so when Wunx invited me to her knitting group I was all for it. It turned out that I still remembered the basics but learned there are things I had never used before like patterns, circular needles, double point needles and lovely natural fiber yarns.
I decided on a beginner pattern using washable wool yarn. It all started out great until......

the pattern called for the use of double point needles! Yikes, that was confusing!

I managed to finish it without too many mistakes and added a button to doll it up a bit.

I had to try for one with no mistakes.....none that I know of anyway.

Don't look too closely.


Wunx~ said...

The button really spiffs up the hat; I like it! Second one looks great too. If you're making no mistakes, you're way ahead of me.

Johnsons said...

Jojo taught me how to knit once but I totally forgot... I knited one scarf and a hat and a half before I forgot.

KC said...

Thanks Wunx. Phenie, you should try again when she comes to visit for your birthday. It is easier to learn when you are young and will be something you can do your entire life.