Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma's Birthday

My maternal Grandmother was born
February 26, 1902.

107 years ago today.

She is holding me here on her 51st Birthday. She is 5 years younger here than I am today. Is it my ego or did people look older then? Regardless of how old she looked she was a wonderful Grandma. She was loving and patient and made the best toast. I know, toast? But she used the expensive bread and used lots of butter and toasted it just right. Other cousins might remember her rice pudding or something else but I remember her toast.

Another talent she had was crocheting. She shared that talent with any of her interested daughters and granddaughters and several of us still crochet today. That is another vivid memory; she had a chair in the corner of her living room where she would sit in the sunshine and watch the cars go by while she spent countless hours making us all special treasures.

Grandma died in 1986. We are a close family and she is a big part of the memories we all hold dear. My Mother received Grandma's wedding rings as part of her inheritance. I knew I would get them someday but was surprised when Mom gave them to me to celebrate Grandma's birthday today.

My cousin Jody gave me the idea to take this picture.

My Mother's hand wearing the ring my Father gave to her, me wearing Grandma's ring with some of Grandma's doilies in the background.

When I moved to California just before Grandma died she said,

"Please don't forget me".

I never have and never will.


Avogana said...

I learned to crochet from my grandmother also. Unfortunately she passed when I was just 6 years old. I learned from the pictures in her pattern books. I would have loved to have learned from her in person. You are so lucky!

Snowbrush said...

I missed you.

KC said...

Snowbrush....Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a stroll down memory lane. What a nice tribute to our sweet gramma. I miss her so much and wish I could just drop in like old times. Love your pictures and wonderful comments about her. Thank heaven for all the wonderful memories we have as her granddaughters. Love ya, Jody