Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Fever

If you thought you were excited that spring is here, it could not possibly compare to the excitement that Toby and Bella felt after finally being turned out to pasture. After all, the poor things have to spend their winters in a posh, heated barn.

Toby felt lighter than air with all four hooves off the ground.

I have to admit the excitement took my breath away and I was more than a little bit scared being in the center of all the running and bucking with these big beauties. But it was all about the photos.......

Yep, and they get to stay out here all summer. YeeeeeHaaaaa!!!!!

Hey, Bella. Do you think that lady with the camera will go away if I hide back here? Yes, but I'll be back next chance I get.


Snowbrush said...

I think you should visit

She's down in New Mexico, and you guys just seem to have too much in common to not cross paths.

Johnsons said...

Toby is beautiful! He looks so happy out there!

Kate said...

I want to go riding! Toby is one GORGEOUS horse. I shall keep shopping 'til I find one as pretty. :)))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spending your Sunday morning with my equine and dog family. I loved all the photos and the experience. TH