Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad Day?

This should make you
Or how about this one?

I got to do a photo shoot for sweet Chloee and darling Ryker.
They both have such great personalities that made it so much fun.
The fact that I got to spend time with some of my favorite family members
and had a delicious lunch made it all that much better.

Chloee with a more dignified pose.
Ryker showing off for his close-up.

Don't you just love his eyes!

"What? If I lie here one more second you will actually give me that treat?"
Don't tell Rusty I let Ryker borrow his fetch toy.

Best Buds

Somehow I just knew they had had enough.
Now that you have a smile back on your face I hope you have a great day!


Wunx~ said...

I like Ryker's close up best. Should you ever need to go out and support the family, I think you have a calling as a pet photographer.

Johnsons said...

ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute, my favorite is the one of Chloee.


KC said...

Thanks Wunx and Phenix. I would love to be a pet photographer! Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

We can't thank you enough for all the time you spents with our sweet dogs. You really do have a wonderful talent. Thanks again for all the time you spent with them. We really enjoyed the day with you, and the rest of our family. The pic of Chloee could melt the heart of anyone. How could you not smile. Love ya tons, Jody & Tammie (and Quinn)

KC said...

Jody, Tammie and Quinn, Nooo, thank you! You are too nice. I loved doing it and seeing you. It had been entirely too long, plus the lunch - wonderful!

Blake and Lacy said...

Oh I love these pictures! You're so talented!

Trudy Hosler said...

Today is your birthday. Happy birthday to a wonderful person and a great friend. We love ya!
JH, TH, all the dogs and horses, too.

Kate said...

Great photos. Ryker is sooo cool! Love the brown eye/blue eye thing. Is 'Ryker' a nod to Star Trek TNG?

Snowbrush said...

They're all just too cute!