Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great Guy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Great Guy!

My gift (along with some new skis) was a hand knit Hat and Neck Gator.

He had Birthday Wishes from the Three White Dogs too!

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Blake and Lacy said...

Happy Happy day of birth!

Kate said...

Hey! Terrific photos and such happy puppies. He'll be stylin' at Alta with those new skis and knit wear. :) Plz pass along an ecstatic Happy Birthday from me! :)

Stephan Fowler said...

Who is the male maaadoll?? I bet he has pretty girl friend!

Great Pics. Why isn't there more?

KC said...

Hey Stephan, What a great surprise. Thanks for the comment. I have been slacking on the picture taking because I don't love indoor shots and outside has been ugly. It looks better today though. See you soon. KC