Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching Up- Again

Some photos to catch up from the last time I posted.

 Swan Island Dahlia Festival in Canby, Oregon. 
 I was thrilled to be there.
 Pretty Kitty napping in the morning sunshine.
 Grapes in the Wine Country of Oregon. 
 I want to move least when it isn't raining.
 This lucky dog has quite the life running free in such a beautiful place.
 Butterfly in Millcreek Canyon 
 Dahlias for my Mamacita. 
 I miss her already.
 I got permission to cut these roses for Mamacita from the Murray Park Rose Garden.  She would have loved  them.
 My Dahlia Arrangement brought home ribbons!
 These were all our entries into the Dahlia Show. 
 We won two BIG ribbons along with some others. 
 We played dress up to go to a "Bollywood Party".
And again for Octoberfest.  
 I think blonds do have more fun!


Nora Johnson said...

Love the dahlias - but love those costumes even more!

Congrats too on all those medals! Wow!


Mary said...

Gorgeous photos...LOVE the butterfly one! I've always thought Oregon would be great too, except for the rain :-) Congrats on your ribbons!

Kate said...

Ha! Love those pics. Those piggy tails are awesome. Now what do you plan to be for Halloween??

Mary said...

What terrific pictures! You are a gal who knows how to enjoy life. I love that you share that enthusiasm with us.I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Snowbrush said...

KC, I'm so glad you dropped by. You're photos are beautiful, but I do wish you had dropped by. I would have enjoyed showing you around Eugene.

I'll write about Baxter's death soon. It was tough. Peggy didn't sleep at all last night, and I only napped a couple of times, so I'm off to bed when I finish writing this.

Snowbrush said...

KC, what happened? After seeing the glories of Oregon when it wasn't raining, you ran out of things to say?!