Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Ducks

I saw the first batch of baby ducks at the park yesterday. Their Mom was leading them from the nest straight into the freezing cold water that was very swift from all the recent snow and rain. I hope they made it. By the way, this photo was from a while ago, it is obvious these baby ducks are a bit older.I was at the park because we had our Annual Master Gardener Plant Exchange. It is one of the most popular events that we have each year. We have a few generous members that have green houses that supply most of the "exchange". There is no exchange really for them, they seldom take anything in return. Believe it or not there were tomatoes there that already had fruit on them. My exchange items were some of Aunt Clara's Hens and Chicks, (Aunt Clara gave my Mom a start over 50 years ago. I got a start from my Mom and have since given countless starts to others. Long live Aunt Clara's Hens and Chicks, kind of like the never ending colorful stories about her.), some Veronica Speedwell that gets too big for the spot I had them in and the pictured Mexican Primrose. I still have more if anyone that lives close by wants some.

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