Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Caught UP

Could I have been too busy this past winter to blog? Well," that's my story and I'm sticking to it" as they say. Here are a few tidbits to catch you up with my incredibly exciting life:-)

I saw a card at the store with a pug with lips.
It read "PUGS AND KISSES FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY" so I plagiarized it and made one for my niece from a photo of her very own pug, Zoey.
I am shameless, but couldn't resist.
I started knitting a lace scarf for my Mom's birthday and managed to finish it only three weeks late. It was haaard.
We celebrated Rusty's 3rd Gotcha Day.
He still wakes up in the mornings wagging his tail with a smile on his face.....really.
We went to Sonoma, California for a wedding celebration that lasted three days.
That trumps our wedding.....it lasted 3 hours and we served punch and cookies.....really.
Between wedding festivities we got out to enjoy some scenery that caught my eye and of course my camera was ready.
For our 37th wedding anniversary we planted a Weeping White Spruce that Ruby has decided makes a terrific hiding place. Guess what, Ruby; we can still see you.
And, the tulips I received as a birthday gift a few years ago made their appearance to announce spring.
Too bad the forecast is for more snow tomorrow.
Gotta love Utah springs.


Kate said...

Hi! So nice to see your update. Lovely tulips and cute pups. I had to recycle tulip photos from our excursion last spring. My gardens are off to a slow start. The wind is blowing so hard up here that it's impossible to sleep. I fear all of my daffodils have blown to Kamas by now. :)

KC said...

Yeah, the tulips you see here were gone overnight. Nothing left but the stems:(
Luckily, I believed the weather people this time and took pictures of all the blooming trees at the Park yesterday before they all blew away as well. I will post those pictures next time.