Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

An afternoon at Thanksgiving Point is always a welcome treat.  Throw in a nice day, some beautiful tulip displays and a serendipitous owlet sighting and you could call it a dessert buffet!
 A Mother Owl and two Owlets in their not so cozy nest in the rocks high above the waterfall.
(Click on this photo for a closer look)

I think I need an Italian Fountain in my back yard...

...and some pink tulips.

But then I guess I do, this lovely place is only 20 minutes from my door and in a way; right in my own back yard.  Chances are it may be in your back yard too.  Let me know if you are going and I will tell you where to find the owls;-)

(We missed you Kate!)


Nora Johnson said...

No tulips or owls here in Andalucia unfortunately! But plenty of jacaranda, wisteria and seagulls as compensation!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Kate said...

Catching up on your blog today. Looks like you scored the perfect day to visit Thanksgiving Point! Those owls - such an amazing find. They look kind of scary.. was Mom nice?