Friday, July 3, 2009

Flower Junkie

Temple Square Garden

A flower junkie is what I call myself. I am passionate about a beautiful garden and will go out of my way to enjoy one. Here in Utah, despite our desert climate ( you wouldn't know that by this year's rainfall) we have an abundance of public and private gardens that I absolutely love. Some of my favorites are the tiny public garden at Gilgal, the Temple Sqare Gardens, Red Butte, Thanksgiving Point, and of course, my home away from home, Murray Park.

Because of my affiliation with the Utah Master Gardeners and the Utah Dahlia Society I have been invited to many back yard gardens that take your breath away. It takes years of hard work and dedication not to mention lots of money to establish and maintain these works of art. I appreciate every hour and every penny.
Murray Park Rose Garden
This might be a good time to remind everyone to take a moment and look around at the Parks you will visit this 4th of July holiday. There has been a huge effort to make them beautiful just for you to enjoy.


Snowbrush said...

Beautiful photos. Eugene has a rose garden and a rhodie garden, but I rarely get to them. As beautiful as they are, I suppose my first love is wild plants, esp wild shrubs, one of which inspired my name. Do you know if you have Snowbrush in any of your mountains?

KC said...

We do, although I don't see them much when we are hiking. We do however have a landscape bush that we call a Snowball bush that is similar. They have clumps of white, fragrant flowers that usually bloom about the same time as the lilacs.