Friday, July 24, 2009

Yarn Quest Winners

Yarn Quest Grand Prize
Last week Wunx and I went on a quest. Seven of the best yarn stores in our area had a Yarn Quest that required that you visit each store and get a stamp on our official Yarn Quest cards. At the seventh store you entered your card in a drawing for a multitude of prizes.

The amazing thing is that I can no longer say I never win anything because we won! We not only won but we won THE GRAND PRIZE which was over $450.00 worth of yarn and stuff. Wunx and I had a great time splitting up the bounty.
Now we just have to figure out what to knit with all the stash.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!! That is so great. Have lots of fun being creative.

Wunx~ said...

Hey KC, you're the best - and the most generous. I'm already plotting and planning what to do with what you so generously shared.

KC said...

Hey Wunx, Nothin' generous about it. We were a team. I'm already making a scarf out of the dots stuff. It is a little hard to work with but is coming out pretty cool.

Kate said...

Holy crap! $450?!? I don't mean the yarn is crap. The yarns are LOVELY. Such a lucky gal you are!

I just don't get why you're planning to knit baby clothes when Bad Dog and Bella have nothing to wear this winter. :))

KC said...

Kate, It was A LOT of yarn! I'm knitting baby clothes because they are much smaller than Bella and Bad Dog. Actually, it is just a baby blanket at this point but I have high hopes for more with some help from Wunx.