Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friday Afternoon Club

I always look forward to our Friday Afternoon Club. It is most often the highlight of my week because the company is great and it is always a new adventure. I don't often blog about it because Kate at owns it. Yep, she invented it so I figure she gets all the pictures and gets to tell the tale. She is better at it anyway, she is a writer after all.
Bad Dog looking especially handsome.

But I'm feeling brave today so sorry if you see these photos twice Wunx.
The Yolk in Kamas, Utah where we stopped because of the flowers but will go back because of the delicious food.

They said their secret to these beauties is to dead head regularly, water twice a day and fertilize every week. No wonder......I would never do all that!

We turned around to go back to see if we read this sign correctly. Apparently, we did! We still aren't sure if it is for real, but it could be. The things in Utah can be surprizing sometimes.
I do like these playful characters inviting you to join in the "fun".
The meadows around Mirror Lake in the Uinta Mountains were covered in wild flowers that stopped you in your tracks just to take them all in. They were all so beautiful it made me want to get out the paint brushes again.......maybe someday.
(Is anyone else having trouble with blogspot lately? I am finding it difficult to move pictures around and positioning text. It is probably just me.)


Snowbrush said...

I too often wonder if there are actually people who are out there dead-heading four-million petunias everyday. If so, why do we never see them? Do they travel in large teams and do it in the wee hours?

Wunx~ said...

Ooh, beautiful.

And, yep, blogspot's been rather perverse lately.

Snowbrush said...

I just saw a blog that, based upon the picture of its author, you might enjoy.

Nora Johnson said...

In a comment on my current post, Snowbrush above recommended your lovely blog!

And I'm so glad he did & I've now found it - it's wonderful! I too have a dog, Lola (a bichon) whose posts I type up as her PA!

I do hope you can pop over sometime and say hi!

Best wishes

Nora & Lola:)
btw have had terrible problems recently too with Blogger!

Nora Johnson said...

Hi, me again!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I love the photo of Ruby, Rusty & Bad Dog. They are so adorable! Like you, I love photos of dogs & gardening though here in Andalucia it's a challenge with this heat (currently 30 C!)

Will be back again soon to dip in further!

Best wishes

Nora & Lola:)
btw Have new post - but it's not showing because Blogger's broken again! Also am yr newest follower!