Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oregon Coast

We decided to mix it up a little this year and go places we have never been before. The Oregon Coast was the destination this time because it is a favorite of a couple of my friends and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We stayed in a little town called Neskowin and was greeted the first night with this sunset. Not too bad for starters.
This is Heceta Head Lighthouse.
It is located on highway 101 between Florence and Yachats and is my favorite because of the dramatic views.
We did daily road trips and ended up seeing the coast from Cannon Beach to the north and as far south as Reedsport.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse is near Newport, Oregon.
The weather was perfect while we were there giving us a spectacular view around every bend.

Oregon is dog friendly with miles of beach for them to indulge in their tennis ball addictions.

This view was somewhere on highway 101. Great Guy got a little tired of me saying, "Honey! Stop the car!" There was a photo opportunity entirely too often in his opinion.

OK, dear friends......
I get what you love about Oregon because now I love it too and can't wait to go back.
You know I can't go anywhere without taking some flower pictures.
I will save them for another post.


Snowbrush said...

You rats! I wish you had come by and visited. Peggy and I live 60 miles east of Florence (we tried the area 60 miles west, but it was too soggy).

Bear in mind that you were here at the good time of year. Winter is nothing but rain, or at least the threat of rain, everyday for months; and the days this far north are way short then too.

KC said...

Snow, it was beautiful and I feel lucky to have visited during such great weather. I thought of you while we were passing through Eugene on our way to the wine country. You are lucky to live in such a gorgeous area. It is beautiful here in Utah as well, just very different.

Snowbrush said...

Arrgh, you drove right through! Oh well, maybe next time.

Nora Johnson said...

What beautiful photos! Oregon is stunning - I'm sure it looks good in the rain too!!


PS Many thanks for stopping by! I left a comment for you at the end of that post!

KC said...

Thanks Nora. Luckily we didn't see any rain, just some fog and that was even pretty.

Snowbrush said...

Nora: "Oregon is stunning - I'm sure it looks good in the rain too!!"

Which reminds me of my wife's mother who lived in Mississippi, and who made it her goal to see every lighthouse in Oregon. She got down to one, which was about 150 miles from here. We dutifully drove her there, only to find that most of its height was above the fog. Naturally, she insisted on going back the next day, and naturally her husband drove her there.

Kate said...

I was drooling over your photos yesterday and am back here again this morning, staring at the ocean, sipping my java and wishing I lived in Oregon. Glad you had fun. I have a photo of Heceta Head hanging in my hallway - it's my favorite, too!

KC said...

Kate, I already found your house and garden with plenty of guest rooms for my frequent visits. You just need to win the lottery.

Nora Johnson said...

Many thanks you for stopping by my previous post!

Incidentally,I wondered what your views - as another dog lover like myself - are concerning the "Creatively Groomed Canine Shows" I mention in my current post?

Do you think they are merely harmless fun or bordering on freak shows?

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Nora & Lola:)

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you for stopping by with your interesting comment. Totally agree with you that, whilst some dogs may well appreciate the extra attention and pampering, others would detest it! I'm slightly haunted by the last image in the set that revealed the shadow of one owner "coaching" her dog to pose with the dog itself looking on quite miserably.

Hoping you have a great week!

Nora & Lola:)