Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Dahlias

I remember the first time I had ever seen dahlias. A Master Gardener brought an amazing bouquet to one of our meetings. Some of the blooms were as big as a dinner plate.
The Utah Dahlia Society was started just this past year and I was invited to join. Not because I knew anything about them, but because they needed the dues from a new recruit!

I figured if I was going to be a member I should try and grow a few. These are my first attempts and quite gorgeous if I do say so myself. I started out with 12 tubers. Nine came up then I lost one to the wind. You learn to stake them early with mistakes like that.
I doubt I will be much competition to the others in our group that are tending to over 200 of their "babies."
Thanks to Mom for watering them. They are in her yard because I have a mostly shade garden.


Nora Johnson said...

What beautiful photos - I love dahlias too! All the different colors and shapes. I used to be able to grow them in the UK but here in Andalucia it's unfortunately impossible!

I do so enjoy reading your posts!

Hope you're having a great Monday,

Nora & Lola:)

Anonymous said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Good job watering Aunt Max, I'll bet your enjoying them tons. Good job to you to Kern. Love ya Jody

Kate said...

They are beautiful! And, here's an A for effort because Dahlias are gorgeous but I'm way to lazy to grow them.

Hey! You picked a bad week to skeedaddle. Iron Needles is here and we're raisin' a ruckus at Ruth's Diner. :)

KC said...

Thanks everyone for the "beautiful" comments. KC

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you so much for stopping by & yr lovely comment!

Hope you've had a great weekend too!

xLola & Nora:)