Monday, August 31, 2009

Oregon's Flowers

I promised flowers and flowers you get.
Oregon had plenty most everywhere you looked.
Driving north from Neskowin on Highway 101 I saw a crop, yes, a crop of Dahlias. Remember, I have been trying to grow dahlias for the first time this year. Mom waters them, I carefully weed them, stake them and speak kind words to them. Well, in Oregon they grow dahlias without stakes, in row after row along with the weeds and have a beautiful display of flowers.
I asked the man that grows them if I could take some pictures. He said I could because I had asked, then was kind enough to give me some growing details. He adds to his retirement by selling them by the dozen and sells enough to make it worth his while. What a great idea! It is much better than most of the retirement schemes I have come up with.
Hydrangeas were as common in Oregon as petunias here in Utah

Zinnias in every color made for another showy display

When I go back to Oregon I don't know if it will be because of the flowers or the dramatic ocean views. Probably both.


Nora Johnson said...

Yes, I totally agree how frustrating it can be when a favorite shrub thrives in one place but not another!

Re the dahlias, it could also be because of a different soil composition in Oregon (apart from any possible climatic differences)!

I loved your great images - thanks for sharing!


Ellen said...

Have you been to Swan Island Dahlias? They have a festival every year in late Aug/early Sept. It's my dream vacation.