Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ruby's 11th Birthday

Happy 11th Birthday to Ruby! Ruby's life has been well documented with photos so this year was no different.I couldn' t choose which pose I liked best so I was hoping all of our blog readers would vote for their favorite. Our goal is to get all 5 of you to vote:))
Ruby's gift this year was to have a nice woman come to our home that has the ability to converse with animals and tell their people just what they think. What better gift, I thought, to be able to tell us after all this time just what is what. I know, I had my doubts too but some things she told us was a little too close to be a guess. I like to keep an open mind and besides, who I am to question an ability that I don't understand. Well, it turns out that Ruby believes she is our equal (no doubt about that) and is thrilled that we all have Rusty for our pet. Rusty, by the way, is just as happy with this arrangement and is thrilled to be everyone's pet. She does, after all love him and is happy that he is here. Whew, I thought she was going to say the opposite.

Grandma came to celebrate and brought Ruby and Rusty both a gift.
So much for that plan because Rusty's response was, "Mine, they are all Mine!"

Not so fast, I do believe Grandma brought one for me too!
All these photos and fighting for my toy makes me so tired.
Rest up dear Ruby, we will do it all again next year:)


Blake and Lacy said...

Well we vote for the first one, Ruby looks so happy in it! Love ya!

Wunx~ said...

Two votes for the top one. I like the cock of her head.

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Anonymous said...

I like them all but I have to vote for the first one. She's looking right at you, and seems to be thinking "How did I get so cute".
Happy Belated Birthday Rusty!!
Love ya, Jody

Snowbrush said...

We met such a woman at a fair where she had a booth. I said (jokingly) that she needs to help our schnauzer because he's black and likes to slap my wife (who's white--he really does pop her one when she stops petting him before HE'S ready for her to stop). I said I thought he might have some racial issues going on. Maybe she can read dogs, but to my amusement, she she took me seriously enough, and assured me that schnauzers don't think it terms of race. Oh, I know, it was terrible of me to say such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ruby, I just read my comment and I wished Rusty a happy birthday
instead of you so-o-o-o I'll try it again, Happy Belated Birhtday -
RUBY!!!! Jody

Kate said...

I vote for the top photo! Though, they are all very cute. :)