Monday, December 29, 2008

Canine Cousins

It may take a village to raise children but I know for a fact that it takes at least my immediate family to get more than one dog to sit, stay and smile. I suppose smile is a bit much to ask, I usually settle for the sit and stay part.

These handsome fellows are Ruby and Rusty's Canine Cousins. They each have a story to tell; Jack on the left came from a home that didn't want him anymore, Big Toby has hip problems, said to be so severe that the vet advised my brother to put him down when he was only 3 months old. I wish that vet could see him jump, hunt and play now that he is 6 years old. And Chewy, the result of creative breeding with loads of love to give came from the local shelter.

Miss Zoey is our niece's "child". She has loads of personality and a face her family loves!

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Wunx~ said...

If you ever decide to start on a new career, think professional pet photographer. You do have talent.