Wednesday, December 24, 2008


If you have read my comments you have discovered I have a friend that wears overalls. It is really not unusual, many of us do, especially those of us that spend a good amount of time working in the soil, getting our clothes and hands dirty. This particular friend is also my Master Gardener mentor. I had never heard of Master Gardeners until I took a gardening class and she was the teacher. I entered into the Program as soon as I could and did many of my apprentice hours working with and learning from Ms. Overalls. If you have ever had the opportunity to drive down State Street in Murray or walk along the Murray section of the Jordan Parkway, or be lucky enough to enjoy the many flower gardens in Murray Park you have seen her work. It is her job but it is also her passion to design and plant the many colorful displays of blooming art.

Garden at the City Building and Murray Park Rose Garden

Her talents do not end in the garden; pottery, sewing, quilting, and cooking, to name a few.

Today just happens to be her birthday.
Happy Birthday dear friend and thanks for sharing so many of those talents with me.
Hand Made Table Runner and Pottery Bowl

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