Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks to Wunx and Kate

I am very lucky to have two great friends that introduced me to the Blogosphere. Wunx and Kate are likely bloggers. They both are computer "geeks", a trait I envy more than I can explain. They are wonderful cooks and frequently share their efforts. Kate and Wunx also are Master Gardeners so we share the love of the outdoors and the growing season. Another shared passion is a great photo, one with perfect light that brings a smile to our faces.

Kate invented the "Friday Afternoon Club" that has manifested into many great adventures. You can check some of them out in her blog http://www.highaltitudegardening.blogspot.com/. I'm sure you will find a few future entries on this blog as well. My first ever snowshoe adventure is planned for this Friday.

Wunx has two blogs. Yes, she does have a busy life! Her first one is http://www.thewitlesswanderer.blogspot.com/. Her second is http://www.cluelesscrafter.blogspot.com/ and is dedicated to her new found love of yarn and knitting. You won't believe how accomplished she is in less than a year. To prove it check out this photo of Ruby in the coat that was custom knit just for her. She is a lucky dog!


Kate said...

Why, thank ya ma'am. Will be fun to compare Friday afternoon club photos on our blogs... k

Anonymous said...

This is so CUTE!!!