Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fred and Seamus

Fred was the reason we adopted Ruby. He lived across the street from us and we got to tend him when his people went out of town. We enjoyed him so much that when they returned I usually tried to persuade them to let us keep him a few more days. It never worked so we decided we should get our own puppy. Fred was about 14 when I met him and he lived several more years. When it was his time to go he left a huge hole in all our hearts.
Seamus came to the rescue. Fred could never be replaced but Seamus the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel helped to ease the pain and we all fell head over heals for the little guy. He grew to be loving and loyal with a heart of gold. And Ruby's best friend. Sadly for us Seamus and his family moved to Pittsburgh.When we adopted Rusty I was hoping for a relationship like this.......... and instead got this.
(This photo was taken when we thought Rusty's natural look was cute but we later thought better of it and took him to the groomer.)
We miss Fred and Seamus and I hope someday Ruby will more than tolerate her brother.


Mary T said...

Dear Karen,
You are VERY sweet. I just love this!!!! His Royal Highness, Seamus is snoring at my feet.

Mary T said...

Ruby knows she is the boss lady

Wunx~ said...

If only Rusty knew it as well and kowtowed to prove it...

Snowbrush said...

Yeah, our dogs aren't close either, and it's a big sadness to us.