Sunday, January 11, 2009

Matching Puppy

I found this darling puppy while on a snow shoe adventure up Millcreek Canyon. She matched my new Christmas coat and hat to a tee! I wanted to take her home but her person just wouldn't hear of it. She said she got my matching puppy from a local rescue group....gotta love that.
(Thanks to TH for the photo)


Snowbrush said...

Several years ago, the Eugene city council decided that two dogs per household were quite enough. Since there was no grandfather clause for people who had more than two, those people had to either get rid of one or more dogs or move. Some actually moved. It's the kind of thing that makes me think pretty poorly of government.

KC said...

When I said "I wanted to take her home" I meant, "I want to take all puppies home." We are limited to two dogs where I live as well. If I was told I could only have one dog and had to get "rid" of one I would move too.

Kate said...

What a great photo! Black and white are your colors. And, the puppy's colors too! :)