Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weather Confusion

Ruby is confused. Why are we outside today with no coats raking up the left over leaves and sticks from the old clump willows? It was just over a week ago I took this photo of her enjoying the fresh, cold snow.

Part of living in Utah is being able to golf and ski in the same week. Great Guy is so happy when this happens he can hardly contain his joy.It won't be long before these winter scenes are back. In the meantime I enjoy the break in the cold weather to get a head start on the spring clean-up.

Rusty wasn't interested in any close ups. That's him out on the frozen pond chasing the geese. We are trying to get him to stop.....maybe a 12 step program is in order. He seems to be addicted.
(I have found if you want a closer look you can click on the photo. It doesn't always work but it is worth a try.)


Snowbrush said...

What a face Ruby has.

Peggy discovered some skin lesions on Bonnie that we fear could be cancer. She's eleven, and already going blind. Cataract surgery is $3,500, and Peggy favors it, but I don't, at least not as long as Bonnie can see at all. Old dogs and old people. The four of us are getting there all too quickly.

How do you golf with snow on the ground? Does it come and go?

KC said...

Yes, it melts and the golf courses open back up until it snows again. I'm sorry about Bonnie. It is difficult watching them and us get older.

Mary T said...

Sorry to read about Bonnie. wish you the best.

Karen--this is a great shot--yes, the close up did work.