Thursday, January 1, 2009

Grandma Aprons

I have a few pics from 2008 that I want to share.
This one for example is a fond memory of last year. My Grandma used to make doll clothes for me and my cousins when we were little. She gave me about 4 yards of fabric when I bought my first sewing machine and I recognized it as my Barbie doll pajama fabric. That was about 40 years ago and I have been waiting to find the perfect project for it. Aprons made a comeback recently so I decided it would be fun to make them for my Aunts. I had enough fabric left to make the pockets for my cousin's aprons.

Grandma didn't give me enough fabric for everyone but everyone got an apron.

The best part was sharing the fabric and the memories and in a way having Grandma with us again.


Blake and Lacy said...

I love all these pictures! And way cute aprons! Whenever I think of aprons now I think of what your mom told me at my wedding shower! HAHA! She is a hoot!

Kate said...

Love these photos and the story. You stitch the cutest aprons, that's for sure. Daughter took off with mine the second she saw it!

KC said...

Thanks Lacy and Kate! I am glad I saved the fabric, it made for a fun party.
Lacy, You are right about your Aunt Max. She is one funny lady!
Kate, I think "The Daughter" has excellent taste.

Mary T said...

I went to UPS and sent Karen an apron I made for her for Christmas. The next day, I opened a package to reveal the apron Karen had made for me. The one she made for me is much nicer--I love it!